Clara C.

Clara is 25 years old and loves children and languages.

For 14 years she was a member of the scout group of  Sant Pere de Figueres and in 2011 she started her activity caring for children with the title of “monitora en el ocio”. She has over 7 years of experience with kids of all ages.

She has a degree in translations and interpreting and  knows several languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, French and German. 

Jana W.

Jana is 24 years old, she have a very clear ideas, she is applied and funny and she love spend time with kids.

First of all she studied direction and administration of enterprises but she realised that she wanted to do it was to work with children.  The last year she finished the degree of children education and this year she is in the university studying Pedagogy.  

She worked during two year in a pre-school with children from 2-3 years old and she have too a lot of experience of babysitting.  She talks English, France, Spanish and Catalan and she understand German.


Judith O.

Director of the company organiser of the Camp – Eventics Challenge

She love her work and take charges that  everything goes according to the planned. She going to take care of your requirements and she going to help to chose the best option for you children.  

She has over 14 years administrative and organisational experience. She is responsible for the administration, management and organisation of the camp.