Tramuntana Adventure Camp is a summer camp in Empuriabrava, aimed at children and adolescents ages 14 to 17

It’s a unique and different camp which offers a broad range of activities such as: water park, wind tunnel. horseback riding, paddle surf, kayak, surf simulator, language activities, environmental and family oriented activities, windsurf and much more.

The camp aims to build friendships, to promote interaction between cultures, to teach new skills; it promotes contact and respect of nature, gives the opportunity to learn and practise new languages, strengthen family ties, brotherhood and solidarity.

You will have the opportunity to enjoy and take advantage of the summer season in Empuriabrava, the only place where one can partake in all these activities at the same time.

It will be the first of many summers to remember, summers aimed at learning and having fun, without omitting the child’s personal growth.

We’re  waiting for you to join us at Tramuntana Adventure Camp, for a summer you won’t forget!





Tramuntana Charity

Charity Bracelet

At Tramuntana Adventure Camp we desire to contribute to the fight against cancer. The children of Tramuntana Camp will receive a solidary bracelet, profits of which will go towards construction of “SJD Pediatric Center Barcelona”

Fundación Antonio Cabré

Destinaremos una parte de los beneficios del campus para colaborar en uno de los proyectos de la fundación, la escolarización de 540 niños en Senegal y ayuda en material escolar.
Conoce la Fundación

Care-All Foundation

We will donate a part of the profits from the camp to support one of the Foundation’s projects: schooling for 540 kids in Senegal and help with school items.